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7/24/01 - Ki and its effect on water

2/5/02 - International Ki Ryokukai is up and running


International Ki Ryokukai

Welcome to the International Ki Ryokukai Web Page! Here you will find information and news relating to ki treatment and classes.

What is Ki? / How does it work?

Ki is the energy that resides in all livings, both plants and animals, and is fundamental to sustaining life.

Ki is not a supernatural power for special persons. In humans, the proper flow of Ki energy is essential to maintaining the health of both the mind and the physical body. It helps avoid the effects of stress that can lead to serious illness.

Ki helps relieve pain, provides relaxation, increases our stamina, and has an overall effect of healing. Ki energy can be applied to specific problem areas that need targeted help. The proper circulation of this life force energy acts as a catalyst to the healthy maintenance of all our body functions. Power of Ki is the power found in the power of respiration.

The Ki classes we offer are not intended for martial arts purposes, but rather for those wishing to learn more about healing through the process of Ki. But keeping in mind that learning to utilize one's ki for healing and learning a sensitivty for another's Ki, can only help to compliment the aspiring martial artist skills in learning to "blend" with their opponent.

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