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Ken Sancier,PhD


The second World Congress on Qigong where more than 60 masters and medical professionals presenter papers and about 500 participants from 16 countries attended were held in San Francisco from 21st to 12rd November 1997.


The theme of the congress was to demonstrate and broaden the influence of Qigong (Qigong) as a viable, essential practice for enhancing everyday life and as an effective factor in mainstream health care.


In his welcoming message, President Clinton of the United States said,” as we seek to improve health care and relieve suffering, it is incumbent upon us to understand and learn more about different medicines and therapies.”


Dr Marilyn H. Gaston,the Assistant Surgeon General Director of the U.S told the congress, “ I look forward to receiving conference or any information I may wish to share with health centers throughout the Nation.”


The papers presented included reports of scientific research on the effects of Qigong in overcoming illness and promoting health, as well as explanation on different beneficial aspect of Qigong such as for youthfulness and beauty, martial art, corporate health and inner peace.


Papers of this Congress as well as those of other important conferences may be obtained from Dr.Kenneth Sancier, the president of the American Qigong Institute and a Director of the journal of the international Society of Life Information Sciences.


Two world awards were given, one to a master and the other a research scientist to acknowledge their outstanding contribution to Qigong:


  • The “Qigong master of the Year” award was won by Grandmaster Wong kiew Kit of Shaolin Wahnam Qigong and Kung Fu of Malaysia.

  • The “Qigong Research Scientist the Year” award was won by Professor Feng Li Da, the Director of beijing Immunology Research Center Chinaand Vice President of the World Qigong Association.


Two Special Recognition Awards were presented to:


  • Dr Kenneth M. Sancer of USA who had conducted much Qigong reserach and disseminated Qigong information.


  • Master Katsumi Niikura of Japan, who was internationally acclaimed in the promotiion of ki(chi) in the martial arts and healing.


A special committee led by Assistant professor Steven K.H. Aung, the President of the World Natural Medicine Foundation, was set up to draw up policies and recommendations for the World Health Organization and national health administrations as a concrete step towards enabling Qigong to play its essential role in mainstream health care.


In her report to the congress, committee member Assistant Professor Evelyn Lee of the University of California succinctly described the present demand of the public for holistic well being as “ an evolution coming from the people themselves.”


The World Qigong Federation, the American Qigong Association and other national chapters such as those of Canada, France, Germany and Mexico were inaugurated. The goals of World Qigong Federation are:


  • Promoting global unity through employing Qigong as a mainstream healing method and as a way to enhance the quality of life.

  • defining Qigong as an essential component of complementary alternative medicine

  • Qigong with with western medicine

  • creating a link to the World Health Organization and informing polocy makers

  • fostering creation of national associations

  • fostering cooperation among national Qigong while preserving their national character and uniqueness

  • fostering reserch


The great significance of this Second World Congress on Qigong may be reflected by the fact that the Mayor of San Francisco personally attended the opening plenary to declare that a Qigong Week.


In appreciation of the effort of the Congress Chairperson, “Dr Effie Chow Poy Yew”, the founder and President of East-West Academy of Healing Arts, to bring about this international gathering, the San Francisco community declared the opening day Dr Chow’s day.

Those who wish to help in the formation of national chapters or to contribute in any way towards the goal of spreading the benefits of Qigong world-wide irrespective o race, culture or religion, are requested to contact the co-ordinator, Dr effie Chow. Only with the international co-operation amongst masters, medical professionals,scientists, policy makers and other leaders, can the vision of global holistic well-being become a reality.