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People Ki #3 "Hisako Koizumi A psychiatrist "


A psychiatrist educated Western medicine had an interest in Oriental medicine and also learned Chinese medicine. Last month, at the 3rd World Qigong Congress held in San Francisco,she presented a report in which Ki energy was measured using a device called EDST.


Also, after the presentation, at a different meeting place, EDST proved that is is possible to send Ki through the telephone line.


“I started to have an interest in Ki several years ago when I read the article in which a Chinese physicist measured Ki. After a while, I found that Mr.Niikura was holding a Ki workshop in New York and i attended that workshop.”


“There, I experienced the Mr. Niikura’s Ki myself. Mr. Niikura, who owns an Aikido training center in Michigan, mastered the technique of releasing Ki through the martial art is striving for the treatment of diseases such as leukemia,cancer and the like, utilizing Ki.”


At the workshop, he taught how to release Ki. Since January of this year, the Ki workshop is offered on Campus within the medical department of Ohio State University.


“ I have started to pay attention to my Ki level and the state of Ki since I learned Ki.”


“ I think that my feeling and the energy level directly affect the patient while we talk. Therefore,I have become more sensitive and have started to paying attention to my Ki level.”


Dr. Koizumi is from Tokushima in Shikoku Island and graduated from the medical school of osaka University. After internship, she passed the state examination. In 1966, she went United States together with her husband who decided to study abroad.


After receiving her Ph.D. at Brown University, her husband had taught Economics at Ohio State University for 25 years. Now, he is teaching at Ryukoku University in Kyoto.


“ Since 1966, my husband and I have been in an international separation. For a while, I raised two children. When my younger child started to attend the kindergarten, I worked as a psychiatrist at the Ohio State University research. My children are now 29 and 30 years old and independent.”


ESDT used in the presentation today is a device which detects the amount of energy each internal organ by electrically measuring the flow bodily energy at the acupuncture points on the limbs.

“Questions raised at the presentation were:What is Ki ?; Where are the acupuncture points located ?; Is subjectivity involved in the experiment which affects the result ?”

It is a question of what will be left after pursuing the science. Since the technician who measures Ki knows that Ki knows that Ki applied, the questioner suspects that the obtained results not may be objective.


“However, when the person conducts the test by himself, it is impossible to exclude the subjectivity. This is the difficult point in this experiment, The experiment reported today is only in the initial stage.”


‘When a more reliable measurement method is established in the future, it will be an encouragement to the persons are involved in the Ki treatment.”


“If we not only receive Ki from others, but also benerate Ki by ourselvese, we will make oureselves healthy and we will take initiative in maintaining health without the help of doctors. That would be wonderful.”cu


“ Ki treatmant is currently in the entrance stage. I would like to use Ki in the treatment of all patients in the future.”


Tenderness which embraces the audience amd a placid manner of talking may be her inherent characters.


She plans to continu conducting experiments while increasing the number of cases to present next year at the academic meeting to be held in Germany in the month of April.