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Ki 4 "Ki is the wisdom of mankind which has existed for 5,000 years."



The theme of the World Qigong Congress, held in San Francisco, was to bring back “healing with Ki”, which left behind by mankind as science developed.


For this meeting, the Qigong practitioners and researchers all over world gathered.


The western medicine philosophy for the treatment of illness is to remove the sick part from the body similar to cutting out the rotten part from a fruit with a knife. In the Oriental medicine philosophy, the body is considered to be one of the universe and the energy circulates throughout the body.  The treatment is considered to open up a blocked energy flow and to supply energy to a part where energy is insufficient.


Energy is Ki, which has been known in China for 5,000 years. In a healthy body, Ki circulates throughout the body in a balanced manner at an appropriate speed.


Qigong can be considered to be a wisdom of mankind having a 5,000 years of tradition to maintain and physical health by maintaining a balanced flow of Ki.


Qigong does not require difficult theory, equipment, or expensive medicine.


When a person cures a patient with the healing power of Ki, he is considered to be a magician, a person possessing supernatural power, or a swindler according to the common sense of the modern age.


Especially, in the age of scientism since 19th century, such unscientific treatment methods and home remedies, which cannot be scientifically proven, have been considered to be a relic of the past or superstition.


Even in China, a home of Ki, Qigong treatment method was uprooted during the Cultural Revolution. Today, is has been barely inherited practiced as a home remedy.


However, recently Ki treatment has started to attract attention again. Although this treatment method has not officially recognized as a medical treatment method, at least has rapidly attention among doctors, researchers, students and nurses in the medical field.


Growing number of patient are beginning to rely on Qigong practitioners who live in small towns and barely inherit and practice traditional Qigong treatment technique.


Several reasons could be considered about recent popularity of Qigong treatment method: Increased number of diseases with uncertain causes and chronic disease; lack of effective medicine or treatment method for the cure of disease; patient’s uneasiness toward high-tech treatment instrument, etc.


The 2nd World Congress on Qigong and 1st american Qiong Association Conference sterted on November 12 and continued for 1 week. During this period, heightened interest in the Qigong treatment within the Western medicine society quickly peaked.


Mayor Brown declared that week as “Qigong Week”, Banners written as “Qigong Week” were seen everywhere in the city of San Francisco.


Two floors of the hotel were rented as the assembly place.


One husband Qigong experts having various background, such as Western medicine,traditional Chinese magic, taikyokuken, martial arts, science, physics, buddhism, ets. gathered from United States. Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, India, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.


Furthermore,the participants, in numbers several times larger than that of the Qigong experts, attended the meeting. Most of them were healers, social workers, students, artists, etc.


Mr. katsumi Niikura, who developed an unique treatment method with Ki, was also invited as a lecturer as he has demonstrated numerous excellent result in treating diseases, considered to be incurable in the modern-age medicine, such as cancer, leukemia, brain disorder or paralysis caused by massive force and the healing power of Ki with theme of “Ki is Love” and “Ki and Mind”.


Generation of Ki through breathing and meditation.


Every day, various workshop were held simultaneously. Since it was impossible to attend all classes, participants, who wanted to learn everything about Qigong were frantically reading the brochures in order to select the classes to attend.


Attending the classes for short time, the classes seemed to be divided into 2 types; the class in which the method of generating Ki is actually taught using a body movement; the class in which generation of Ki was explained using charts and graphs.


“ In a dim lecture, wearing a silky Chinese outfit, said this through an interpreter, several tens of participants all raised their arms and held an air belt with their eyes closed and thoughtful expressions.


There was an enveloping air of quiet breathing. It seemed like the world was very delicate and people started to feel they could visualize the invisible things.


“A large outer universe and a small universe inside the body are connected and the unified universe is swallowed into a stream of eternal life.”


Mental imbalance caused by stubborn egoism is corrected and the energy to cure illness become stronger. Person become successful in business and socially and aging-resistant.




“Universe consists of two elements which repel each other; that is, negative and positive elements. The positive and negative elements are never united and move in opposite directions with a twisted motion.


A domain of “nothing” is created at center of the twisted state, like a rope.

From such a domain, resembling a black hole, Ki is generated.


Within the large circle projected on the screen, contrastive black and white domains are drawn. The small spot at the center of the domain is said to be the place where the above-discussed Ki is generated.


Based on the above theory, several problems about energy may be solved. The lightening caused by the collision of the negative and positive charge. Does this short-circuit generate Ki?


Could, wind and other various movement in the nature. Movement of energy.


“The bodily energy is also generated in a similar manner. Stress can be released by the alignment of energy.”


One type of Qigong, which was influenced by the esoteric Buddhism, was also introduced. It said “A body having a transcendental soul and pure energy is generated by the sound and light.”

Various Ki were introduced:


Ki which is effective in the human relations such as a happy sexual relation, ability to be successful in business,etc.;

Ki which cures chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, etc.;

How to take in Ki from food;

Ki which cures cancer and heart disease.


However, the common basis among them seemed to be breathing, posture and movement.


niikura-type Ki which is only used for fight against illness.


Sometime, meditates in a silent atmosphere, where even the sound of dropped needle can be heard. Or, in other times, runs up to the rooftop and shouts as loudly as possible. During these actions, the parson generates various kinds of Ki inside his body and connects these Ki with Ki of the outer universe to obtain larger energy.


Various Ki workshop were held in the largest hall. Mr.Niikura’s students, wearing uniform orange t-shirts, formed a circle together with participants and they received training of generating Ki under the guidance of Mr. Niikura.


at the opening ceremony, Mr. Niikura made his demonstration. He applied Ki to the abdominal muscle of one of his students and made his body stiffened. While other students held the stiffened students’ body from both sides, he stepped up the top of the body. Perhaps because of this demonstration, many of the participants in the Mr. Niikura’s class were fired up and were eager to participate in the action.


In the action in which a pair sent Ki, generated with his unique breathing technique, to each other, many participants were surprised when they experienced the pressure of Ki foe the first time.


When a small - built Mr. Niikura blew away his student weighing 200 lbs without touching him and only with his spirit, the hall was filled with voice of admiration and surprise.


From these demonstrations, we understand that the method of generating Ki by Mr. Niikura is different from the methods of generating Ki by many other Qigong.


In most of Qigong classes, the person kills the body and mind Ki by himself through quiet meditation and is connected to the outer universe by the Ki energy. On the other hand, Mr. Niikura releases Ki which is stored in his body and moves the exterior or the internal organ of the body with the re

leased Ki energy, We understand that this power of ki energy acts on the sick part of the body.


Everybody may feel that is is impossible to release Ki which has a power of curing thehe acquires the disease unless he acquires the technique of storing energy through the martial arts training like Mr. Niikura. But he denied that.


“I invented the special breathing technique by myself. This is a simple method anymore can do  if he breathes. However, the power of Ki generated by this method does not increase its power unless it is used. Ki, which is generated through a strong will to help a person who suffers from an illness by any means with heart soul, possesses an power to blow away 10 big men,just in the same way that a mother produces more milk as the baby sucks the nipple stronger.”


The titles of the Mr. Niikura’s workshop, “Ki is Love” and “Ki and Mind”, clearly explains the stance who fights against illness.


The method of applying Ki to the body of the patient is the never-ending subject of Mr. Niikura.


He has invented more than 10,000 kind of methods, using palm,  knee, elbow,wooden stick, hair, reflection by the mirror, telephone line, paper and so on,and practiced these method in his treatment.


“I used to practice Ki treatment on a limited base within an permissible level,paying deference to the doctor. However, recently, professors and researchers at the Presbyterian of Colombia University and Ohio Starte university Medical School have started to do research on the healing power of my Ki treatment.”


Even the recent high-tech medical practice acknowledges the treatment with love.


At the “Year of the Qigong 1997” asward ceremony, which was the highlight of this Qigong Congress, mr. Niikura won the award in the “Another Culture” section.


The “The Year of the Qigong” award was presented to an energetic young Qigong practitioner Kiew Kit Wong (Malaysia). In the Science and Research Section, Professor Li Da Fen(China), specialized in Cosmetics and Longevity, won the award.


Remember Qigong, the world!


Dr. Poy Yew Chow, an organizer of this meeting, received a letter of encouragement from President Clinton who found out about this Qigong Meeting. Dr. Chow is also a healer who has a great knowledge about Qigong.


When she worked at a hospital in Canada as a nurse, her father taught her Oriental medicine which has a history of 5,000 years in China, especially,traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong.


Attracted by the oriental medicine which can be ysed for curing of body, mind and sprit at the same time, she moved the to California in 1997,

where she obtained the acupuncture license.


However, she started to have a desire to spread Qigong which, unlike acupun

cture, can be taught and used by anyone. That was a reason she planned to hold the World Qigong Congress.


Next meeting will be an April of 1999, in San Francisco.


“People who witnessed the power of Qigong are all surprised and say this is a modern-day miracle. However, this is a wisdom of mankind established 5,000 years ago. We just left it behind.”


People, who survived cancer, asthma, diabetes and other diseases through the Qigong treatment, handle tons of office work as her right-hand man during the meeting.


Mr. Niikura insists that his Ki is different from Qigong. However, for me, Ki seems to be one type of Qigong and is the best among all other Qigong, because a will to cure illness with Qigong is also filled with love, as Mr. Niikura says.


However, taking his feeling into consideration, I defined Ki as “Qigong which was born in the different culture”.


In this meeting, the striking difference between Qigong, in which self-healing Ki is generated within himself, and mr. Niikura’s Ki, which is generated through the dedicated effort heal patients, has become clear.


Anyway, a passionate expectation toward the new healing energy “Ki”, which is low-cost and is well adapted to the environment, has increased more than over after this meeting. Ki will be a gift to mankind filled with full of hope toward 21st century.