International Budo Ryokukai


Ki master Mr. Katsumi Niikura

An incurable disease is cured with the power of “Ki”


Ki demonstration and  KI workshop will be held at three sites, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Nodoba from June 11 through 13.


Mr. Niikura has treated many patients given up by the doctor, having incurable diseases such as terminal cancer, with the power of  “Ki”. Every day, 40 to 60 patients having various types of illness, such as cancer, brain tumor, shoulder pain, etc., visit Aikido training center in Sterling Heights, Michigan to receive “Ki” treatment.


For the bedridden patient, he visits the patient’s residence. For the patients living in a remote location in the United States or japan, he sends “Ki’ through the telephone line.


What on earth is “Ki” which heals illnesses without using medicine at all ?


“Ki” is the power of breathing.


When the air moves, the energy is generated and it moves matters. The force which moves the matter is the wind.


There also exists the wind in the body and it moves the blood and the internal organs. This is bre



Take a deep breath, store the breath at the bottom of abdomen for a while, convert it to energy and release it from the palm. He says this is “Ki”.


He noticed that his body released Ki when he started to learn the martial arts at an age of 12 years.


He started martial arts because he was small and wanted to be strong.


While treating injuries which occurred during the practice to each other among friends, he noticed that a friend he treated recovered quicker than others.


That experience made him believe that he releases energy from his body which cures people.


In his boyhood, he watched a carp standing still against a stream of water and wondered how the carp takes breath.


In order to become stronger in the martial arts, he observed how the viper and weasel breathe when they attack small animals and how mother animals breathe when they cuddle and lick their babies. Through those observations, he mastered the breathing technique by himself.


He says above experience gave him a power to cure people.


“The trigger  point at which I decided to use “Ki” for treatment of disease was when my older daughter was diagnosed as ha

ving a brain tumor.


She was 7 years old in 1976 when the tumor was discovered and had a surgery. But it came back after 7 months and repeated recurrence of the tumor occurred 7 times in 5 years.


When the doctor gave up on my daughter saying no more surgery could be performed, I put my hand on the affected area while holding her in my arm and gave “Ki” to my daughter every day with a hope that it may save her.


At that point, I was convinced clearly that something released from my hand.”


With a use of “Ki”, which was filled with a strong will that he would cure his daughter’s illness even at the risk of his life, her brain tumor finally disappeared miraculously. Recover from the cancer without surgery! The doctor could not believe of this outcome. His daughter hold a brain cancer patient survival record in Japan and she is still spending a healthy life.


“Ki” is Love after all. Love, expressed as a will to cure the illness of others at the risk of one’s life, is essential for Ki.”


Since he has no practitioner license, all Ki treatment is free of charge. He makes living by teaching Aikido between Ki treatment. However,his life has been very difficult. he even experienced a beggar at one point in his life.


He mastered all kinds of martiall arts such as karate, Judo, Kenjutsu,etc. He was a world Karate champion in 1967. With these credentials together with the power of Ki he possesses which tumbles a big man onto the floor, we would imagine that there are endless numbers of students who want to take a lesson from him and he would live a comfortable life with the tuition fee he would get from the students. However, he persists in his belief that Ki should beonly used to cure illness.


“Everyone can master Ki. Currently, I have 200 students. Some of my students release stronger Ki than me for certain illness.”


If there are 1,000 students who can release Ki, they can treat 10,000 patients per day. My goal is to have 1,000 students who can release Ki.


He treats patients Monday through Thursday in Michigan and holds workshop in New York and Ohio State University Medical Department on weekend.


His two children have married. Now, his wife lives in Japan and he lives in the United States alone. He is from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.