To My Second Home America,

I have decided that on August 31 of this year I will end my 34 year stay here. If I think about it, I will have nearly lived half of my life here in America. When I reflect on messages like this, the faces of the many people I have met race through my mind.

My relationship with America dates back to my childhood. The town where I was born and grew up was the location of Atsugi Military Base. I remember looking through the fence as a child and seeing a different world and having a strong curiosity and a dream of wanting to go and live in the US some day.

Since the time I was a young boy I learned Karate and Judo. Later I learned other Japanese martial arts such as Aikido and Iaido and later became a Leader. At age 40 I finally got a chance to visit the US.

Due to various circumstances, I found myself single living in a foreign land. In the beginning, it was certainly not smooth sailing.

After opening the dojo, I faced many many trying days of trouble, suffering and battle. Fortunately, with the support and cooperation of the Staff and many other people, we were able to turn the management of the dojo around. And when composure was born in my own mind and life, the challenge of "ki energy" which had warmed for a long time began.

Using this energy (unique breathing method of martial arts) and a lot of trial and error, I was able to come up with a lot of techniques and from my heart I want to help sick people recover their health. My breathing technique is a treasure born and raised in America.

My successful life and the many fruitful experiences I have had, I owe to and am deeply grateful and respectful to the many of you who have greeted me and have accepted me with your generous hearts.

I could never express enough no matter how many times I repeated my feelings of gratefulness.

~~Truly and Sincerely, Thank you so very much~

I look forward to the chance to see you again.

August 2017

Katsumi Niikura